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BBQ Ribs Tips n’ Tricks

BBQ Ribs Tips n’ Tricks

  1. There are three types. Spare ribs are best, you may trim to create St. Louis cut, and serve the tips separate.  If you purchase St. Louis cut, it will cost more because they are pre-cut.  NOTE: This has less meat for more money.  Baby back ribs are smaller but meatier.
  2. Pro tip: When selecting meat, fold tip to tip.  The more they bend the better. Note: Select the ribs with straightest bones, easier when slicing later
  3. Remove membrane from back side of ribs, Pro tip: use a spoon to separate the membrane from the top edge of rib and use a dry paper towel for assisting removal process.
  4. Place a thin layer of your favorite hot Sauce and/or a base coat of Worcestershire Sauce, season with YB Spicy Rib Rub for a unique savory flavor or the YB Pork Seasoning for a Texas Style flavor. Sprinkle brown sugar if a sweeter rib is desired. SEASON ALL SIDES OF MEAT.
  5. Optional Place in large plastic storage bag to marinate overnight in refrigerator. Or let meat sit for 25min to maximize flavor.
  6. Cook @ 250°F with bone side down
  7. Spray with apple juice every 30 minutes to keep it moist
  8. Probe meat with thermometer in between bones without touching bones until you reach a temp of 170°F ribs are ready to wrap.
  9. Set on double sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil, put a layer of brown sugar, sprinkle more rib rub, a small thin line of honey and margin on foil, place ribs meat side down on top of your “secret sauce” shhhh…. and wrap it all up, Note: Be careful not to puncture holes in foil caused by bones when wrapping.
  10. Place in pan, immediately transfer back into smoker or a preheated oven @ 275°F, bone side up,
  11. Test your ribs after one hour looking for a temp. of 207°F.
  12. Once done, open edge of foil and let it steam out for 15 min, and then close back up. Do not slice until ribs have rested for 45 min.
  13. Then you may poor out the drippings into a container to make a BBQ sauce or to poor back on top of sliced ribs, at that time wrap you’re your ribs in plastic wrap to keep juices and heat so you can enjoy your party until ready to cut.
  14. For a fresh serve: Let ribs sit out unstacked for 1 hour before slicing and serving.
  15. To serve at a later date: take out and let sit to room temperature then place in refrigerator. Preheat oven next day at 350°F and warm until ribs reaches 160°F


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