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Brisket Tips n’ Tricks

Brisket Tips n’ Tricks

  1. Purchase brisket with max weight of 12 lbs. Choose meat by; Select – Choice – Prime. Prime is the best cut. Select is worst cut.
    Pro tip: When selecting meat, fold meat and see if it touches tip to tip, if not, keep looking
  2. Trimming instructions: DO NOT over trim! Only trim hard white fat, and discolored meat.
  3. In you are planning to inject your brisket this is to be done now.
  4. Apply a base coat of Worcestershire Sauce, then coat liberally with Brisket Rub seasoning. SEASON ALL SIDES OF MEAT.
  5. You may choose to Place in large plastic storage bag to marinate overnight in refrigerator, or let meat sit fully seasoned no less than 25 min to maximize flavor.
  6. Before smoking, (optional) you can let meat get to room temperature. (Use 60% Pecan Wood & 40% Oak Wood proportion)
  7. Cook @ 250 to 275°F until meat reaches 170°F between the flat and point only. Set meat fat side down if using side firebox.
  8. Fill a spray bottle with apple cider vinagar, you may choose to add additional flavors to your mix. Spray your meat every 30 min. (open and close pit as fast as possible.)
  9. Double wrap brisket in heavy duty aluminum foil, or pink butcher paper, place in pan, immediately put back into smoker or a pre heated oven @ 275- 300°F
  10. For “prime” cuts, cook until temp reaches 200°F. Otherwise all other lower cuts cook to 207°F
  11. Open a small portion of your wrap and let it steam out for 15 min… to STOP the COOK. IMPORTANT THEN CLOSE IT BACK UP.
  12. Instructions for a fresh serve: Leave brisket in foil until temp decreases to 175°F on large end. Unwrap, slice and serve.
  13. Instructions for serving at a later date: Leave brisket in foil until it reaches room temperature before placing in refrigerator for future serving. When ready to serve, reheat in oven @ 350°F until brisket reaches 160°F on the fat side
  14. Slicing instructions: ¼” slices, and use the longest and sharpest knife you have and make long fluid slices. Your brisket will fall apart if this is not sliced properly. Always slice against the grain until you reach the fat side. Rotate your meat as the grains on the fat side are always run a different direction.
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