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Pulled Pork Tips n’ Tricks

Pulled Pork Tips n’ Tricks


  1. Apply a base coat of Worcestershire Sauce, season with Young Bucks BBQ Pork seasoning, for a Texas flavor or Young Bucks BBQ Spicy Rib Rub for a unique savory flavor. SEASON ALL SIDES OF MEAT.
  2. Optional Place in large plastic storage bag to marinate overnight in refrigerator. Or let meat sit for 25min to maximize flavor.
  3. Take out of fridge and then inject with pasteurized apple juice everywhere.
  4. Cook @ 250°F with fat side up
  5. Spray with apple juice every 30 minutes to keep it moist
  6. Probe meat with thermometer until you reach a temp of 170°F pork is ready to wrap. Do not touch bone with probe.
  7. Set on double sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil, sprinkle more apple juice and wrap it all up.
  8. Place in pan, immediately transfer back into smoker or a preheated oven @ 275°F, fat side up,
  9. Test your pork shoulder after two hours looking for a temp. of 207°F.
  10. Once done, open edge of foil and let it steam out for 15 min, and then close back up. Do not shred until pork has rested for 45 min.
  11. Then you may pour out the drippings into a fat separator then pour back on top of shredded pork. With none of the fat.
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