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About Young Bucks BBQ LLC

At Young Bucks BBQ, we’ve honed the art of smoking BBQ over years of dedication and passion. Our journey began with a simple love for outdoor cooking, but it took a turn after a propane grill mishap led me, Ashton Merino, to discover my true calling. From that moment, I transitioned to slow smoking with wood and charcoal, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Crafting Signature Seasonings

Driven by a desire to share our love for authentic Texas BBQ, we ventured into the seasoning industry. Starting small, with me as the chief mixer and bottle filler, we tested our seasonings at vendor gigs and competitions. The response was overwhelming, propelling us to expand our horizons. With FDA approval and the expertise of Zac Spice, we scaled up production and hit the market with our Young Bucks BBQ seasoning.

Struggles and Successes

Our journey hasn’t been without its challenges. From navigating the competitive retail landscape to securing big vendor contracts, we’ve faced setbacks along the way. However, our perseverance and commitment to quality have paid off. Today, Young Bucks BBQ seasoning is a top seller in stores, a testament to our unwavering dedication and hard work.

Our Promise

At Young Bucks BBQ, we take pride in our commitment to quality and authenticity. From using only made in America products to crafting seasonings that elevate every dish, we strive for excellence in everything we do. With a small business mindset and a big business ambition, we’re on a mission to make Young Bucks BBQ a household name.


None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of my wife, Summer Merino, whose connections and encouragement have been invaluable. Eric Thibodaeoux and Zac Sheaffer have also played pivotal roles in our journey, from dominating competitions to shaping our branding and marketing efforts. Together, we’re building something truly special, one flavor-packed seasoning at a time.

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